Tuesday, December 12

Tips For Silky Long Hair

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All Women in this earth are beautiful, Long silky hair makes the women more beautiful, Most of the women worry more about hair than anything else, Worrying will always result in more hair loss, so Stop Worrying!!

I will share my experience with you all so that everyone will feel beautiful.

Tip 1: Stop using Hair Straighter and artificial chemical gels

Tip 2: Wash your everyday with mild shampoo

Tip 3: Apply coconut oil to your hair before every hair wash.

Tip 4: Condition your hair once in a week.

Tip 5: Always use good branded shampoo, I use L’Oreal Paris.

Tip 6: Always use cold water rinsing hair.

Tip 7: Make Avocado paste and apply it all over head once in 15 days and wash after 10 minutes, Avocado is the natural conditioner.

Tip 8:Mix Henna, 1 spoon Olive oil, Tea dust, curd, water and soak it over night, Apply the paste on hair and leave it for 3 hrs, wash it in cold water

Tip 9: Avoid Split ends by regular trimming hair.

Tip 10: Dry your hair naturally avoid using hair dryers.

Tip 11: Eat more protein rich food (Chicken, fish, cashew, Almond).

Tip 12: Use conditioner with UV protectors

Tip 13: Soak neem leaves in water overnight and rinse your hair.



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