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Concerta Adhd Medication, Some General Information

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**All about Concerta **

No, I am not talking about a nice music event, I am talking about Concerta, the name of the ADHD medication that is used by many ADHD patients. A lot of people do not know what this medication does and what the advantages and disadvantages are, so about time this becomes a bit clearer to you all!

**Concerta, what is it?**

Concerta is a central nervous system stimulant that helps people with ADD/ADHD concentrate better and react less impulsively.  This medication is available in four different tablet strengths. Each tablet contains 18,27, 36 or 54 mg of methylphenidate. Depending on the how heavy of an ADHD disorder you have, you can choose to take a high dose but also choose to take a low dose (and do ask for advice from your doctor!). Concerta has the major advantage you only need to take one tablet a day. Compared to another ADHD medicine you might know, named Ritalin, taking a tablet once a day is less of a hassle. Since ADHD diagnosed people generally have a poor time management, it is pretty handy they only have to take one tablet a day, instead of 1 every 3-4 hours.

Concerta as a brand name is new, but the ingredient methylphenidate has been subscribed for over 50 years now. Of course, the past 10 years ADHD became better known and more children and adult were diagnosed, meaning there also was more research done on ADHD medication. This finally resulted in the new medication named Concerta.

Studies that have been done on the results and side-effects of Concerta, the past 8 years, have proven the medicine is safe. In clinical studies it was shown that there are side effects, but these side effects are pretty minor.

**The side effects**

As I said before, there are some side effects to the use of Concerta. I think it is important to name these, but keep in mind that 80% of the people using Concerta, do not find these side effects a problem (some don’t have any side effects showing) and they take the medication anyway because it helps them a lot in daily life. But some of the side effects that could occur are;

-Insomnia (2 percent of the people using Concerta have this problem)

-Lost of appetite (Less than 1 percent has a loss of appetite but it can be more of a problem when starting with this medication)

-Moodiness (Less than 1 percent of Concerta users)

-Abdominal pain (most common side effect, 5.9 percent of all users experience this)

**Why would you use Concerta?**

First of all, most people with ADHD choose to use medication, but not all of them. That is I think a choice everyone can make for themselves. Some ADHD diagnosed persons live happy without the use of any meds, which I think is great.

 You can use Concerta if;

  • You always forget to take your Ritalin on time

  • You don’t have the time/opportunity to take several Ritalin tablets a day (for example because your in a meeting/working)

  • Ritalin has too many side effect for you

  • You want to concentrate better and react less impulsively

I hope I have given you some general information about this medication. This article is purely informative, always consult a doctor if you have questions about medication!

Thanks for reading.


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