Friday, December 15

Beyonce Master Cleanse in 2010

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My 21 day master cleanse journey, results and personal experiences.

We all have read about Beyonce’s master cleanse diet. Beautiful singer Beyonce Knowles did the now infamous Master Cleanse in 2004, to loose 20lbs quickly for her role in Dream Girls. The reports of this diet hit the media with a storm of controversial, accolades, and disapproval. But secretly women all over the world were rejoicing. We finally got a real glimpse of the Hollywood secret for loosing weight in a very shot time. 

After a while all the buzz went a way and although it is still a popular search among women, very few seem willing to actually do the diet, or have know clue how and where to begin. I searched the internet with very few day to day results. I wanted to read about everyone’s experiences with the diet and wanted to know if it would work for me. 

I put the Beyonce buzz behind me and went on living my daily life, working from home, dating, writing and traveling. And soon I found my self starring at the scale with shame and disappointment. Not only have I not lost the dread Holiday weight (which was now six months ago) but I had put on some extra :(. Now with summer, vacations, day trips, beaches and more right around the corner. I found myself goggling the diet fads once more. 

What’s my starting weight? Well I am not going to tell, but feel free to join me on my 21 day journey to loose the weight. while I don’t endorse my extreme dieting methods, my choice is to give it  TRY.  I’ll do a report every day even if its just a quick one, about how I am doing, my weight lost for the day and more. MY choice to try this diet is both a personal and desperate one.


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