Friday, December 15

How to Strengthen a Marriage

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Strengthening a marriage can be done in many ways. Sometimes, it just starts with listening more to your spouse. Your partner could speak volumes to you at times, and you may not even be listening, through exhaustion of your own day, lack of concern or interest, languid indifference, or you just don’t give a damn. At times, we tune out people, whether purposely or not. Both partners can be very guilty of this. Through this ‘tuning’ out, a lot of valuable information can be lost. The other spouse may feel that he/she simply does not care and the marriage may start to suffer and irrecovable breakdown. This happens especially if the communications breakdown cntinues on, and/or very valuable pieces of information are lost.

In listening to your life partner, you are showing him/her that you love them. Also, that it is not all about you, your wants, your needs, your desires…One shows a stronger marital bond by simply listening, and commenting back. After all, listening is not enough-comments, positive remarks are needed. But just perking your ears open more than once in awhile can give you valuable insight into what is going on with your spouse. By not listening, one may miss out on an important cry for help. Through listening and the right amount of feedback, a marriage can only strengthen.

Showing love and affection outside your home or other intimate surroundings continues to build upon the foundations of a marriage. Holding hands while walking transmitting strong feelings of love, intimacy, comfort and protection to your significant other, which can only continue to strengthen a marital union. Of course, space is necessary from time to time to also strengthen it. But gently grabbing your spouse’s hand in public-without you acting like you are not married-increases the love and the good feelings. Acting single while you are walking with your spouse is very counterproductive. Fights, spats and disagreements happen-and naturally couples don’t even want to look at each other. Showing more intimacy and feelings with hand holding alleviates these problems quite a bit.

Additionally, one or the other spouse not dominating or controlling in any way also helps to build upon it solid walls of harmony and love. Marrieds should be in an equal situation with each other. Respecting that shows strong feelings of love; deciding together only cements that reality into a concrete reality. Making decisions together can only build the structure of your mnarriage into a towering masterpiece of love, harmony and symmetry: equally balanced and impervious to just about anything.


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