Monday, December 18

Marrying For Money? Be Careful…

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Marrying for money, whether you are a man or woman basically means the same thing: a loveless marriage doomed to failure. Even if you are just looking for financial security, for yourself and any future child that may come out of the marriage, essentially one is saying: there is no love between the two of you. Without love, the marital union is doomed to failure. It may also portend bad omens in any future divorce, if it comes out that the marriage was instigated to get hold of money. It could affect everything from court settlements and custody of any minor children – especially if it can be conclusively proven that the marital union was instigated on reasons of malice to acquire monies and prestige. It can also speak volumes of the person wanting to marry for money. There is no doubt that there are many loveless marriages and other relationships without money. It can be worse in a marriage sought for money.

A marital union can be permanently damaged if the partner is hell-bent on just trying to acquire financial assets from their much wealthier partner. A partner who will incidentally have very deep pockets for divorce and custody issues. A case that can be very different from a wife/husband who stayed with their partner through thick and thin, provided moral (and maybe financial) support in building up their spouse’s wealth. A greedy, opportunistic gold digger, who may be treated as such by the legal system. There is no doubt some people married for money just to get themselves out of poverty. Nevertheless, it can be very damaging at the end of the day. But will no doubt go on, as it has for ages.

Whatever the reason: be it for gold digging or financial security, it can leave one in a downward spiral, emotionally/psychologically, to ruin one’s psyche and life. There is nothing wrong with ‘landing a good catch’ like a doctor or a lawyer. But it can be a hair’s width away from being in a loveless marriage. Looking at just financial security does take qualities like love and being somebody’s soul mate right out of the picture. There is also no doubt that there may also be real love. However, the distinction, the line between the two is so thin because the financial incentive is so strong, sometimes it may be very hard to tell if love really exists.


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