Mylot- Website Review

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This is a very good website where you can become a member and start new discussions and even post replies to existing ones. What’s more you even get paid for every contribution you make in respect of uploading some content or just plain writing.

You can start a new discussion from among the numerous interests and also post replies to existing ones. You can also make friends here but sending requests to them. Also, a very healthy discussion is guaranteed as people from similar interest are grouped together according to similar interests. Also you get rating from the responses people give about your posting in terms of + or – points. You are also rewarded with star points which is displayed above your user-name. One thing though you cannot copy-paste anything in the discussion until you reach the figure of 500 posts. It’s not that hard to achieve those numbers, though., if you’re serious enough. Payment is through paypal and you’re assured of a payment, with the minimum payout being $10. A must look watch (and join) website.


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