Monday, December 18

Strategies For a Better Life

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Don’t hold grudges and resentments. They are very unhealthy emotionally and physically to bear, and sometimes people hold them for many years – drowning in their bitterness. Bearing them also consumes crucial time, taking away from life and living. It leaves a person mistrusting and suspicious of others, also negating from time and the quality of life.

Grudge and resentment holding are unfortunately part of our lives and society. Some very much worse than others. But the constant holding of them is very counterproductive to life and health, impacting our physical health in so many incalculable ways. Holding few, if any grudges allows one to have a lot less mental/emotional ‘clutter’ , and ultimately to live a better, healthier life.

Forgiveness is ultimately a huge emotional release, allowing you to not only see the forest through the trees, but the pathway that goes through it, with stunning clarity through colors and sounds that are usually only found in places like heaven. This does not mean tolerating rudeness and unkindness.

But being able to distinguish when you should be able to walk away from something that is very evil and negative in it all-consuming life, or deal with it in a way that is not necessarily vengeful or punishing. A way that helps put it into a proper perspective that does not consume your life in the process. We dance on the Earth for a very short time-try and enjoy every step-even if once in awhile somebody else tries to cut in.

Be there for family, friends and even strangers more. Showing kindness and empathy towards one another helps you to find a kind “center” in your own life. Through kindness and compassion, we dig deep into our soul and find out who we really are and where we belong. During this scrutiny and understanding, we find out who we really are, coming across so many “cherished” personality traits about ourselves that we may not even know existed. The kindness and compassion that exudes not only puts us onto a better life path, but helps revitalize ourselves right to our core.

Live life well. Cry, if you have to, feel sadness, if you must…always be human. But cherish each day: laugh, sing and enjoy your life with family and friends, as well. Relish your existence. For through that long life of glee, you’ll leave this Earth with a smile on your face. You’ll know that you did good and be content with that fact. You’ll move onto the next reality with no reservations, and nothing but a big smile on your face


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