Sunday, December 17

How I Know The Gerson Therapy Is Legitimate

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Many people do not believe that the Gerson Therapy is a legitimate alternative treatment for cancer, or other illnesses and diseases. Perhaps if they were to go through the treatment themselves they might change their minds.

I have not experienced the Gerson Therapy for myself, I do not know anyone personally who has been helped by them, nor do I have any proof. But I am a believer. I believe their treatment is effective because I have heard the testimonies of people who were helped.

I have also heard the testimonies of cancer patients who received conventional cancer treatments, and their stories and testimonies cannot compare to those of the Gerson Therapy. I have also read about the evil forces who tried to stop them.

If the Gerson therapy had not been effective, there would have been no need for anyone to feel threatened by them.Dr. Max Gerson did a clinical study in which 446 patients recovered out of 450. Surely, he was not harming anyone, but rather he was helping people.

So who felt threatened by his success, and who poisoned him to death? My guess is it could have been only someone who was in the field of modern medicine who felt threatened because Max was helping more people than what modern medicine could do.

After Dr. Gerson died, his daughter Charlotte took over his practice. It wasn’t long after that the FDA and the government forced Charlotte to either shut down, or pack up and leave the country. At this time the Gerson Therapy had become illegal in the U.S.

If the Gerson Therapy was that damaging to cancer patients that it was announced illegal, why was Charlotte Gerson not prosecuted and thrown in jail? Why was she allowed to move to another country and practice her illegal, (or criminal) activity there? My guess is the cancer survivors whom she had helped would have stepped forward and testified in court. The FDA had no case against Charlotte, or the Gerson Therapy because they were helping people.


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