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The Antidote For The Poison of Impurity

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The Antidote For the Poison of Impurity

The antidote to this poison is laid out in Romans 12:1-2.  We must not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, as expressed in movies, TV series, books and the Internet, but we must be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  However mind renewed?  It is renewed by filling it with things that promote purity and not pride, lust and self satisfaction.

We need to fill our minds with the word of God, and the antidote to this poison is to spend long hours in prayer, and study of the word, so that we might set our minds on things above are not on earthly things (Colossians 3:2).

Let’s be honest here: all of us have been tempted and some of us have sinned in this area!  Do not gloss over it!  Do not sweep it under the carpet, but deal with it and deal with it quickly, lest your ministry and your life be destroyed!  We know that if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and to purify us (1 John 1:9), so we need to embrace this antidote, examine our hearts and remove this poison by the power of the Holy Spirit.

On a practical level, if there is someone within your music team that you attempted to taste the poison of impurity with, then you have to deal with this also.  It may not even be their fault and they may not be aware that they having this effect on you, so dismissing them from the music team is not a fair and viable option.  If you’re going to be fair perhaps you should dismiss yourself first, seeing as the buck stops with you! 

What you need to do, however, is limited the amount of temptation that this person brings to you.  You do this by minimizing the time spent alone with them, minimizing the touch and the way in which you touch them (especially in the area of hugging, which is very common amongst Christians these days) and especially, control the way you speak to them.  Your speech must be totally pure as must be your heart, so be very careful about what you say, making sure that it is not suggestive or flirtatious in any way.

The next part of the antidote is to make sure that your home life is wonderful.  Make sure that you honour your wife or husband, and make sure that you have a healthy life together, as friends and as lovers.  If you cherish your spouse and your relationship with them, then you will be much less tempted to seek sex in the arms of another.

Finally, if you struggle to bring control to impure thoughts, seek out someone you respect and love, who is of the same sex as you, and share your struggle with them.  This is best to be a pastor or an elder in the church.  Be honest and open and share your struggle with them, and asked them if you can be accountable to them for your speech, actions and thoughts.

The antidote to the poison of impurity is to fill your mind with the things of God, and be accountable to a man or woman of God in an honest, humble way. 

Trust me, if you do not get this right, it will come back to haunt you at some point, and it has the power to ruin your family, your ministry, your church and your entire life.  I have seen it do this with many of my friends, and I know this is a subtle and powerful poison, so inoculate yourself now! 


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