Thursday, December 14

The Gerson Institute

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The Gerson Institute was established in 1977, in San Diego California, by Charlotte Gerson. Charlotte, the youngest daughter of Dr. Max Gerson took an interest in his studies at a young age, and then continued the practice after Max Gerson was poisoned to death as a result of his practices.

The people loved the Gerson Institute, but the United States government and the FDA were not very fond of the clinic at all. As a matter of fact the FDA felt threatened by the Gerson Institute, and so they ordered Charlotte to either shut down, or get out of the country.

If Charlotte would have been allowed to continue her practice, eventually she would heal all the sick one by one as they ended up at her clinic, and so the FDA would have been put out of the drug dealing business. And they were not about to let that happen.

But Charlotte wasn’t going to give up her father’s clinic, or forget about his knowledge which had helped so many people to recover from cancer and be cured from other ailments as well; so she packed up and moved her clinic to Tijuana, Mexico.

The treatment given to the patients is known as the Gerson Therapy. The patients are given raw organic fruit and vegetable juices to help clean out the toxins in the body. All animal products, and other junk foods are removed from the patients’ diets to stop toxins from entering the body.

The patients who come to the Gerson Hospital in most cases do not have any hope to live, because their doctors have given up on them and sentenced them to die. But when they leave the hospital they are filled with a new hope of a long and healthy life.


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