Thursday, December 14

Excellent Client Satisfaction: A Valuable Asset to Corporate Entities

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Client service is the most important component to achieve or increase an entities market share. With the development of greater power in computing and telecommunication technologies, even large-scale, automated companies are being forced to rethink their operations and ensure that future managers become skilled client serving leaders across the whole organisation. In today’s client focused world, the trademark of every successful corporate or retail entity is client service.

This means that the mind-set of managers must change to reflect the main concerns of their valued customers and create conscious and continuous dynamic processes by which services and products are not only customized, but are also delivered to fulfill client satisfaction. It’s shocking that many corporate and retail entities still do not practice healthy client service to their valued customers and here are some of the unhealthy signs encountered by both existing customers and prospective ones:

· Most companies listens to customers’ comments and complaints, but have poorly defined procedures for acting on them.

· In the car park, the prime parking spots are reserved for Directors and senior staff rather than customers.

· Opening or working hours are geared towards meeting the needs of staff rather than the purchasing preferences of customers.

· Goods and services are distributed through channels which are easy for the company to set up, rather than what customers prefer.

· Advertising is based on what the C.E.O., Director or senior staff wants to say, rather than a sound analysis of what prospective customers want to hear.

What business managers don’t know about their customers can kill their businesses. Corporate bodies must know that Client Service is an attitude and not a department.

Keep in mind that, client service is not about merely exchanging goods or services, but also about relationships, building bridges with the customers beyond the exchange of goods and services. It is very important for business managers to set service standards for their businesses. It is essential that the client service standard programme is led from the top. If the business managers are seen adhering to the standards in every aspect of the organization, junior staff will be encouraged to do same.

“The days of client service as the standard of excellence are long gone! Today everybody talks about the importance of client satisfaction. In today’s competitive market, the only way to get ahead is go beyond client service to client satisfaction”. – Zig Ziglar


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