Infertility Options

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The average little girl loves playing “mommy” to her collection of baby dolls. She changes imaginary wet diapers, feeds the baby every chance she gets, and cradles it lovingly in her arms. Although her bedroom floor is covered under a blanket of other toys, it’s her baby doll that wins her attention.

Whether girls are born with a motherly disposition or not, one that dreams of becoming a mom will most likely become one. Yes it’s a whole new ballgame when it’s not a plastic doll and the diapers are actually damp but nonetheless, motherhood is one of the most wonderful things a woman can experience.

Unfortunately not all women will have the opportunity to pick out maternity clothes or make a list of baby names. She won’t experience the little kick in her abdomen or the rush of racing to the hospital when the baby is ready to be born.

Infertility is a crushing blow to women and when they find out they will never experience parenthood they are devastated. However there are alternatives.

1. Fertility Medication-Clomiphene and Human Menopausal Gonadotropins, are the most common prescribed medications for women that are having a problem ovulating. Both medications help the ovaries produce eggs which will ultimately increase the chances of becoming pregnant. Although all medications have side effects, it has been shown that Clomiphene has more than Gonadotropins. However doctors usually start with Clomiphene because it is less expensive and the chance of getting Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome is lower than that of Gonadotropins. These medications don’t always work so doctors suggest the patient receive hormone shots.

2. Infertility Surgery-Because the fallopian tubes play a major role in releasing eggs, it’s important to find out if they are working properly. It’s estimated that 20% to 25% of patients are unable to get pregnant because her tubes are blocked, if this is the case the doctors can perform tubal surgery to repair the damage, or undergo In Vitro-Fertilization. If the patient opts for surgery and there is clear damage to the fallopian tube, Lysis of adhesions can be performed (which is removing the scar tissue), or the blocked tube can be re-opened with surgery.

3. In Vitro-Fertilization- If In Vitro-Fertilization is chosen; the patient’s doctor will remove eggs from the woman, fertilize them in a laboratory with her husband’s sperm, and then inject them back into the uterus about 5 days later.

4. Adoption-If the woman has tried medications, surgery, and In Vitro-Fertilization and hasn’t had success, some women choose adoption. However, adoption can be very expensive. The couple that chooses an open adoption usually pays all the medical expenses of the woman that is placing the child up for adoption. In some cases the couple will allow the biological mother to live with them until the baby is born. There are adoptions that go as planned and everything runs smooth, but like anything the couple risks the chance of the biological mother changing her mind. Because of this, many couples choose a closed adoption.

5. Surrogacy-Because the average woman enjoys motherhood there are women that would be happy to be a surrogate mother for the couple. Doctors extract egg and sperm from the couple and inject it into the surrogate. After the baby is born, he/she is then given to the couple to raise.

Whether a woman chooses medication, surgery, adoption, or surrogacy it is imperative to do a lot of research so that the right option is chosen. Not all procedures are for every woman, so having as much knowledge as possible will help her make the choice that will benefit her financially and emotionally.

Becoming a mother is one of the most precious blessings that a woman can be given. Offering love, understanding, and encouragement to an innocent life is one of the greatest desires that a woman can posses. Not all women will be able to experience a natural conception, but because of medicine and dedicated doctors her dreams of hearing someone call her mommy can become a reality.




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