Monday, December 18

Tavis Smiley Supports Louis Farrakhan – Stop Supporting Pbs?

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I’ve read blogs and seen articles relating to Tavis Smiley being fired from PBS… but why? What is it that he is saying that is getting people so up in arms about? He’s just a commentator who’s show has political discussions, opinions and guests who engage in such, right? Wrong… Tavis Smiley is not only an anti Christian, racist biggot but he glorifies Louis Farrakhan who is an anti-semetic, racist hater. Tavis Smiley is on PBS spewing out venom and poison and doing it all on the tax payers buck! Yes, that’s right… tax dollars go to PBS. So, when your child turns on PBS and the Tavis Smiley show is on they may hear hateful words from one of Smileys guests or even vomit from his own mouth. …such as hateful, untrue statements about Christians, for instance.

Tavis Smiley had a guest on his show who was trying to warn people about the threat of Islam. When she made comments about the violence of Muslim EXTREMISTS (not all Muslims.. just extremists) Smiley reverted back with anti Christian, hateful, biggot comments like… “Christians blow up things, people etc.. everyday! They walk into post offices, Columbine, etc..” OUTRAGEOUS LIES. The young men who shot and killed people at Columbine were not only NOT Christians but shot a young Christian woman just for stating her faith in Jesus Christ. So, this lying, biggot is on PBS (Public Television) spewing venom, hatred and lies about Christians on our tax dollars and has not been fired. Not only is this a slap in the face to Christians but all Americans who pay taxes!

Hey, maybe PBS will give Louis Farrakhan his own show… wouldn’t that be nice?!! Why not… they gave one to Tavis Smiley.


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