Friday, December 15

Golf – Hitting The Ball Straight

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If you are one of the many happy golfers like me, you are probably trying to improve your golf swing on a daily or weekly basis and hopefully win some sort of prize at your local club. There are many different facets to the game of golf, but there is one in particular that still eludes most average golfers, and that is, hitting the ball straight. Many golfers seem to spend most of their time trying to improve their putting or getting out of a bunker or even hitting the golf ball a long way. 

If you could learn to hit the golf ball straight, perhaps you might not be in the bunker, in the woods or out of bounds in the first place. Another common problem I have noticed with the average mid to high handicapper, they tend to be too greedy and in the process over stretch themselves, always try to play within yourself and have a slow golf swing. When pushing yourself in golf you will probably make mistakes, look at the majority of professional golfers and it’s like watching poetry in motion. 

I was plagued with a terrible slice for many years and tried many different ways of curing it, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago, I watched a video on how to hit the golf ball straight and I have improved my golf swing quite a bit. The video tells how, if when addressing the ball, on your club head take away, if you can keep the club head square to the target for the first two to three feet very slowly and the rest of the back swing and down swing very slow too. You will find that you are hitting the ball straighter. I did this and it worked for me. 

You have only to watch the women professional golfers to see that golf, especially for the beginner or the mid handicapper is not all about speed and power, most women professional players I watch have an incredibly slow golf swing and can still hit the golf ball a long way. So try as I said above, have a very slow swing and the first two to three feet of the take away keep the club face square to the target and don’t start cocking your wrists until after the two or three feet. 

If you’re an average golfer and you could hit the golf ball straight more often, even if its not quite as far, your game will surely be that much more enjoyable because you will still be on the fairway while your playing partners are in the woods. Also, in theory you should be able to use all the clubs in the bag equally but the majority of golfers do have their favourite clubs, obviously this doesn’t apply to professional players. So, don’t over stretch yourself use a club that you are comfortable with and apply the above tips. 

If you are a keen golfer there is always the temptation to go for everything, but you must try to resist, because most of the time it will end in disaster, play relaxed golf and don’t forget that slow golf swing. If there is a water hazard between you and the flag and you are tempted to go for it, unless you can reach using a relaxed and slow swing, don’t, instead lay up short, and I know this sounds like negative golf, but why have all the heart ache of fishing a golf ball out of the lake and incurring those penalty shots. 

One of the great things about golf is, it’s never too late or even too early to start playing, and from what I have seen, women golfers and seniors are on the increase which is great to see. I hope you have found the above golf swing tips reasonably helpful and interesting and your golf ball will go where you want it to. 


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