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Low Fat Diet – Are You Eating Too Much Saturated Fat?

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Starting a low fat diet can be a healthy and at the same time very effective way to lose weight. Many people especially those in the US and Great Britain, consume way too much saturated fat. Which is normally obtained from meat or meat products. Also, this type of fat is very unhealthy and could be the cause of many health problems; however, it is relatively easy to avoid eating too much saturated fat, by simply looking at the labels of food items and using low fat alternative products. 

If you are going to be on a low fat diet, it might be a good idea to set yourself a target of a daily calorie intake, you will also find that when buying low fat foods they will be low in calories anyway. If you want to lose weight on this type of diet you should also keep your eye on the amount of sugar you eat in any form, whether it’s in the processed food you buy or you add it yourself. When buying meat try to get into the habit of purchasing very lean meat, and a good low fat choice would be chicken, turkey and any white fish. Although some oily fish are very high in the healthy omega3 they are also high in calories. 

When cooking try to avoid using any kind of fat, oil or butter, I personally just keep adding small amounts of water to prevent food from sticking or drying out. If you can find a low fat alternative for butter for example, don’t forget that doesn’t mean you can use more. If you are going for the low fat diet to lose weight and you are a working person I would suggest a daily target of 1500 calories per day. As with any diet, seek professional advice first. Below you will find a one day sample menu which will give you some idea of what a day’s food looks like whilst on a low fat diet.


¼ pint glass orange juice (unsweetened)     

Bowl of sliced peaches (tinned or fresh)

Low fat plain yoghurt

1 slice toast with low fat spread

Cup coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar

Snack mid morning

2 crisp breads with low fat cottage cheese

Cup coffee or water


1 medium baked potato

6oz peeled prawns

Low fat rose marie sauce

Side salad

Snack mid afternoon

Banana or low fat fruit yoghurt


1 chicken joint (skin removed)

Mashed swede and carrot with a touch of black pepper

Green vegetables

A low fat diet is a healthy way to go, but there are also some good fats for example olive oil, although it is healthy in many ways it is very high in calories and obviously in fat too. If you are on a low fat diet to lose weight only, you should be stricter on your calorie intake as well as fat, but if it’s purely to eat less fat, just concentrate on alternative low fat products. Eat less cakes, pastries, potato chips and chocolate. You must not cut fats out of your diet completely because the body needs a certain amount to function correctly. If you are normally a big meat eater, try cutting down on portion size. 

Good luck with your low fat diet and I hope the above paragraphs are of help and you lose weight as well as eating healthily.


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