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Weight Loss Program

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I have tried many weight loss programs over the years, some have worked and some have not. Even when the diets were effective, I would put the weight straight back on, so it wasn’t the diet that was wrong it was my lack of will power. I would imagine it is the same for many other people who are trying to lose weight but, just like me, they lack will power. I do find that if you can stay in good spirits whilst using your weight loss program you will be more successful in losing weight and keeping it off. It is probably a good idea to avoid any negative situations whilst dieting, and try to stay happy.                                                                                                                      

I was on a weight loss program some time ago, and in the first few weeks I lost some weight but then I reached a point where my weight loss just stopped, even though I was still well overweight and not eating much at all. I am not sure how many calories I was eating in a day, but it wasn’t many. So I decided to try something else, it was a diet that involved eating only protein such as lean meats, eggs and nuts, then you would have a meal of carbohydrates only, such as vegetables and fruit. This would be followed by a meal of both protein and carbohydrates. There was one day near the beginning of the diet where you only ate fruit for the whole day, which was an unusual experience. 

Whilst on the weight loss program I had to visit my osteopath for my quarterly visit and he commented that my body had changed in its appearance for the better. I must admit my body did look different and I had lost quite a bit of weight, but once again I found that eating only protein when the diet rules tell you to, and eating only fruit in a meal is very difficult indeed. So, although I had lost weight, I decided to have a re- think, and I am now eating the way I want to and still incorporating some of the ideas I have learned through the many different diets I have tried. If you can eat the food you like whilst sticking to a weight loss program you will stand a much better chance of losing weight and keeping it off. 

My weight loss program at the moment involves eating protein during the day, then eating protein and carbohydrates for dinner, in the evening about nine o clock I have some fruit. When eating carbohydrates I try to stay clear of the dense carbs such as pasta, rice, potatoes and bread, if I do have these at all, I will only have for example 1oz (dried weight) pasta or rice, 5 oz of potatoes or 2 slices of bread. During a typical day I would have coffee at 9am, 2 slices lean ham and 1 boiled egg at 11am, 2 large pork sausages and coffee at 3pm, steak with cooked vegetables or salad at 6pm, fruit at 9pm. Because I am eating protein all day on this weight loss program, I just keep an eye on how many calories I eat in a day. 

Another thing I have found with eating protein, I never feel hungry compared to when I was eating lots of carbohydrates and I was always hungry and craving for a treat. At the moment I am quite happy with the way my weight is going, I am quite surprised at my weight loss because I am eating more calories than before when I couldn’t lose weight. Also, I forgot to mention that I have two days off a week, I only diet seriously for five days a week, but on my days off I don’t go silly I have always got my diet in the back of my mind, even if I am in a restaurant or bar. 

On this weight loss program I don’t seem to be depriving myself of any foods or nutrients, because there is plenty of lean protein, vegetables and fruit in my eating plan, they are just being eaten at different times. If you can stick to fresh produce and not the processed foods you will be quite surprised at the result. I must admit that I did find it difficult at first because we have been so used to buying processed foods for as long as I can remember. By eating protein during the day you should not get any cravings for cakes, sweets, biscuits or chocolate. 

When on a diet for example, a low calorie diet, you might lose some weight initially but then your weight loss comes to a stop, well apparently this is because when you cut down your calorie intake by too much, your body goes into what is called starvation mode. This means that because your body thinks you are having problems in finding food it will begin to store fat as a reserve supply, basically it is a safety mechanism against starvation. So if you are thinking about changing your whole way of eating and using a weight loss program its always good practice to check with your doctor first and he or she might even recommend you to a dietician or a weight loss program. 

I hope you find the above paragraphs interesting, I just thought it might help someone whilst trying to lose weight, I know it can be an up hill battle at times, but when you find the right weight loss program that suits you, it will increase your chances of success and keeping your desired weight for ever. 


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