Wednesday, December 13

How to Tap Into The Supernatural

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Since many people are so obsessed with the supernatural these days it’s amazing how many of them have no idea how to enter into it. There are many who DO enter into the supernatural realm but it’s the dangerous way and I’ll tell you why.

The bible not only speaks of the supernatural in almost every book you read… but IS supernatural. Once you open the bible and start to read it you have entered into the supernatural, spiritual realm. Spiritual. What is spirituality? Seeking God and asking Him questions, crying out to Him, reading the Bible is all part of one’s spirituality. When we thank God and praise God in Jesus name we are filled with His spirit. When we gather together with others to pray in a church, home or even on the beach we are not only opening the spiritual realm but we are connecting with God.

When people think of the supernatural some may enter into it by many methods other than seeking out God which is actually delving into the occult. When people try to conjure up dead spirits, fortune telling, witchcraft, etc… they are entering a danger zone. In Deuteronomy 18 the scripture states “There shall not be found amoung you anyone… that useth divination or an observer of times, or an enchanter or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits or a wizard or a necromaner.” So this is a warning from God NOT to enter into the supernatural by any of these methords.

I can attest to the fact that I USE to delve into the black side of the supernatural as I just previously listed. The consequeces brought alot of adversity into my life. I was paralyzed by fear everyday as well as severe depression. Is wasn’t until I turned to God and asked for forgiveness for delving into the occult and have Jesus take over my life that I was delivered from fear and depression.

So, it’s easy to open the doors of the supernatural …the question is which door? Satan’s dark side that brings devastating consequences or God’s way …..that brings faith, hope, love and peace of mind…Try God’s way because the consequences are eternal.


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