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Alpha Protocol

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The Western RPGs have certainly come a long way to reach the level of quality that today display with pride. Stories where you travel to distant worlds of possibilities for a common man and where the choices that are made influence the fate of the character, friends and allies and, ultimately, history.Earlier this year, Mass Effect 2 opened hostilities by presenting a product with few flaws, making it one of the landmarks of its kind. Now is the time for Alpha Protocol, a western RPG that puts you not in space or kill the Orcs. Alpha Protocol is an action RPG in the world of espionage and covert operations. But will this adventure from SEGA and Obsidian a threat to the Commander Shepard?For those who have not read the preview of Alpha Protocol, here’s a brief summary of what is happening in this universe. You are Michael Thorton, a former government agent who is betrayed and deported because of a terrorist attack on an airliner. After this incident, agree on a bed of a clinic treatment unit Alpha Protocol, a spy agency linked to the state but privately American. As new recruits, and one can hope, are assigned to a mission where you have to capture the leader of the terrorist cell, al-Samad. What happens from here is a crossing of the plots and characters that will constantly change the future of narrative.

Alpha Protocol is undoubtedly aware of Mass Effect 2, one of the best games I played today, where the influence of modifying your choices.systematically the course of events. I can say that in most cases it is impossible to predict which approach is best in every situation. People who go encountering are extremely volatile and mostly very good at swords. Will be surprised, often with information that said something which the contact did not like rude or choose responses that very well. This drags the narrative to local unpredictable because every person counts, each question is essential, and kill a character or leave it freedom has a huge burden.

These choices are made through a menu of speech where it appears the answer / question, but a reaction. This makes it even more difficult to predict what comes next. The dialogues follow more varied paths you can imagine, and may continue until an agreement or over, they decide to go into action and kill the player before he continues talking. Alpha Protocol This gives a greater sense of urgency, to grow beyond antipathy or sympathy with the characters we know. Long time since I played a game that was so easy to memorize the names, because here it creates links with the characters and in which many people will want to put a bullet between the eyes, the next time you see them.

It helps that Alpha Protocol has a history rooted and well-written, whose volatility can surprise, since even they choose to do a different route, will hear several references to situations where your choice is concerned, or even make enemies or allies for killing someone. As we realize how history works, will want to ally themselves with certain people or do anything to please others. Influence is a very useful thing, and Alpha Protocol, let alone explore the interactions, most will eventually withdraw this universe.

Regarding the gameplay, Alpha Protocol is not far from Mass Effect 2. The camera will follow the back as Michael Thorton will visit the scenes and giving out the threats that are appearing along the way, ie, hundreds of terrorists, mobsters and even special forces. This can give use to a considerable number of weapons, gadgets and even their hands. Spinning around shootings, one of the mechanics that arises here is also the use of cover. Can lurk behind almost every object or wall and shoot from there, using your weapons, and can bounce protection or protection in rolling out the same.

Like a good secret agent, you will have at your disposal any arsenal with which they can equip your character to make the missions much easier. Besides having access to two arms with three types of bullets, still have a lot filled with various gadgets, such as grenade fire, discharge of EMP (electromagnetic pulse), and even proximity sensors. Of course when all this fails, it is necessary to use the handles. When using the combat hand-to-body, can eliminate enemies silently if furtive, or from direct to brawl. If this is the case, will have to prepare to meet enemies who defend themselves quite well and which will only get fit scams take advantage of the loopholes. As they progress in fighting hand-to-body, are gaining more hits and more combinations that will help you a lot of life. Speaking of system development, Alpha Protocol will systematically rewarding you with experience points or even skill. When evolving level, accumulating experience, will be able to spend the skill points (AP) in various lines of progress, such as better use of pistols, machine guns, infiltration, fighting hand-to-body strength, among many others. These will expand depending on the class they choose to start, and each of the available places more emphasis on infiltration or direct attack. As such, they can choose the class that is best suited to your style.

Besides weapons and gadgets, will be able to equip your character in various types of armor and gear, such as jewelers, elbow, knits and the like, which will influence attributes such as the noise they make when walking or aim. These influences are clearly noticeable during the game, giving you a hardened shell, which makes you much more resistant. Turning to weapons, they can also be changed by equipping cartridges longer or silencers. Ie they may prefer to have the arsenal and still improving it constantly.

Something with which you will encounter often in Alpha Protocol is with the game’s puzzles, which are mostly related to the alarm off, open doors or collect information encrypted on a computer. As such, there are three types of puzzles to solve: the first is the direct detection of the track between the wires leading to the exact numbers, the second is the placement of two codes on a panel with numbers constantly changing, and the third is the opening of locks; this charge with the right trigger until the exact site and put the clip with the left trigger. These puzzles are quite affordable and fun, although they may well be more complicated near the end. Fortunately, only optional is reaching the point of giving headaches.

The mission of Alpha Protocol can be accessed through your Safe House (Cache), serving it up as an area for resting between missions, read emails, or talk to other characters in the world of Alpha Protocol. In all four will travel to different places in the world, where they will have access to various tasks at the same time or the missions that make the story progress. The more missions do, will make more contacts and, of course, are going to gather more information that will help you in later missions. Before leaving for your mission, they can still access the Clearinghouse, an access to the black market where they can spend the fundswin or collect on the ground to buy new weapons, equipment, or even more information for later missions.One point certainly high on Alpha Protocol is the provision of voice. It is true that it is not very difficult to recreate the voices dragged from secret agents, but what has been written has enough quality and rarely sounds bad.As for longevity, this game easily reaches the 12 hours of gameplay, but this number can certainly double, taking into account that the replay value is huge, because they will never get to see everything that is included in Alpha Protocol with just one pass.

Now comes the time when it is necessary to explain the weaknesses of Alpha Protocol, and unfortunately still are enough. For starters, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful games to look at this generation. Although the characters are well established and credible scenarios are a mix between good scenery and beautiful landscapes, supplemented with weak textures here and there, besides having great bars waiting and hauls loads that cause the input textures. Technically, there are also several flaws: the protections do not always work properly, the enemies are not very intelligent and also sometimes there are even some pop-ups or even pop-ins. The console was finally block me twice during the whole experience, but fortunately this was not a problem, because the game tends to burn constantly. Behold the height of the final verdict. For some, the final note of Alpha Protocol will raise doubts about the quality end of the game, others will doubt clear from the note. Yes, I have informed me about Alpha Protocol, and read some of the criticisms that have destroyed this fiercely under Obsidian. What I can say is that any way we have an incomplete set. Can not be fully limado and some elements may not be the pinnacle of its kind, but could offer an exciting and highly rewarding. Moreover, most of the errors I found in Alpha Protocol already existed in other genre of games, even in Mass Effect 2. It is obvious that mistakes should be avoided in subsequent games, but few were those who complained of them in the past.

With accessible gameplay, a system of progression intelligent and, above all, one of the best games to use a system of progression of cause and effect in history, Alpha Protocol was one of the great surprises of the year and encouraged me to follow the story to end. It is far from a perfect game, but close to being one of the most rewarding experiences of this year.


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