Wednesday, December 13

5 Ways to Make Money Online

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Everyone wants a little extra spending cash don’t they? Here are 10 ways you could top up the beer fund.

1. Social networking

Facebook…it’s everywhere…and everyone is on it (so it seems) – why not make money as you scower through profiles of friends, ex boyfriends and girlfriends? Yuwieoffers to pay its users as they increase the page impressions of their public profiles, upload photos to share and refer others to join in. This is achieved by a proportionate payment structure that sees around half of the website’s advertising revenue – its chief source of income – distributed directly to its user base.

2. Blogging

With blogging you can earn commission from advertising placed alongside your blog posts or by sponsored blogging.
The most popular advertising option must be Adsense by Google – add the Adsense code to your blog posts and watch as the cash rolls in (maybe).
Sponsored blogging is provided by companies such as
Blogitiveand PayPerPostother companiescontract bloggers to post favourable content about their products and reward them with cash. Unethical? Maybe….Profitable? Yes 🙂

3. Forums

Forums rely on posts from its members in order to keep user interest. New forums are dependent on regular contributions in order to encourage conversations and attract the registration of new members. In exchange for a fee (usually between £0.01 and £0.10) per post, forum adminis advertise for posters to sign up to get the ball rolling. Check out webmaster-talkand Digital Point.

4. Stock photography

If you’ve a half-decent camera, selling pictures to a stock photography agency is a sure-fire method of generating an income. The likes of iStockPhotoand Fotoliaoffer wannabe photographers the incentive of earning significant sums for their snap.

5. Surveys

Opportunities in this field are virtually endless – there are literally thousands of research groups begging for your time and attention. One of the most well known is YouGov, whose methodology involves obtaining responses from an invited group of internet users at prices ranging from £0.50 to £2.00 per survey completed. Registration is free and relatively painless.

There are plenty of other ways to make a modest income online…try these 5 out and see how you get on.


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