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Garlic – Health Benefits of Eating And Using This Amazing Vegetable

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Garlic belongs to the same family as the onion and is also related to the shallot, chive and leek. For as long as people can remember garlic has been used in cooking and in medicine, it has quite a unique and strong flavor which lessens when used in cooking. When roasted it has a lovely mild sweet flavor, the usual way to buy garlic is in the form of a bulb which is divided into segments known as cloves. 

There has been much written about garlic claiming it has many health benefits including, keeping heart disease at bay, bringing your blood pressure down to healthy levels and helping with colds. Using garlic as a medicinal aid in the modern world is not a new idea; it has been used as a medicine for thousands of years in certain parts of the world including India and China. Garlic has also been known to help cure the symptoms of acne and it has also been shown to be a natural antibiotic.

Research has shown that garlic acts in the same way as antioxidants, which can help in fighting off disease. There are many vitamins and minerals in garlic which might explain why garlic is so beneficial to our health and there are also many people who prefer to take garlic as a supplement rather than use it in cooking. I personally use garlic quite a bit in cooking and find it gives certain dishes a great flavor, especially dishes such as curry, stew, Chinese food and casseroles etc. It is even nice in certain soups and sauces, and when using it in sauces be careful of how much you use, you can always add more garlic but you can’t take it out.

I remember once when I was making a garlic mayonnaise, I put too many cloves in and boy was it strong, I tasted some on a teaspoon it tasted quite nice but after about a couple of minutes my eyes were stinging it was if the garlic was coming out through my eyes. So when using garlic raw in a sauce for instance, always check as you go. Another great way of eating garlic is when you are cooking for example, roasted vegetables, throw a few cloves in or even the whole bulb. Why not try doing your own garlic bread, mix some crushed garlic cloves into some butter, slice a baguette diagonally on the top in a few places and put the butter in the slits, place in oven for approx ten minutes at 180c.

Gradually the health and medical experts of our modern world are realizing the medicinal benefits of eating garlic, which other civilizations have known about for thousands of years. 

I hope the above paragraphs regarding the benefits and use of garlic interesting. Don’t forget when there are vampires in the house wear garlic round your neck.


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