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Corned Beef Hash Recipe – Good Size Dinner For Approximately 450 Calories

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This corned beef hash recipe is very tasty and is only 450 calories per person approximately and is quite a substantial meal in itself without adding any other food to it. The corned beef is probably the only ingredient you should be careful of if you are trying to eat healthily and lose weight. In this recipe we are using four ounces per person (240cals) so if you can manage with less that would be even healthier. 

You will also notice that we are using one dessertspoon of olive oil but it only amounts to 45 cals per person, and although olive oil is very high in calories it is a very healthy oil when used in moderation. The potatoes are only 100 cals per person and have good amounts of vitamin c and contain no fat. And because of this, the dish is relatively low calorie and you could include it in your daily dieting regime without using up too much of your calorie allowance.

Corned Beef Hash


8 oz corned beef, 1 large onion, 10 oz potato, 1cup tinned or frozen mixed vegetables, 1 dessertspoon mixed herbs, 1 dessertspoon olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Method    Serves 2

Peel potatoes and cut into bite size cubes, put the olive oil into a large mixing bowl and toss them until they are coated, then place the potatoes onto a baking tray and cook in the oven for 30-40mins at 200c or until golden brown. Whilst they are cooking, peel and slice onions into bite size pieces then cook in a non stick frying pan on medium heat adding only the odd spoonful of water to prevent them from catching to the pan.

When the onion is starting to go soft add the mixed vegetables and continue cooking. Cut the corned beef into bite size cubes and when the potatoes are cooked put both in with the onion and mix together, add the mixed herbs and mix again then heat and serve.

As I said above, if you are on a diet this dish would be ample on its own, but if you are not, baked beans in tomato sauce is a great accompaniment to this version of corned beef hash. This meal is a very cost effective way of eating a really good size dinner which is low in calories and also quite easy to prepare and cook.

I hope you try the above recipe and you enjoy it as much my wife and I do, we have been eating this meal for many years and we never get fed up with eating it.


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