Monday, December 18

Sugar – Are You Eating Too Much And is it The New Salt?

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We have all taken sugar for granted in recent years and enjoyed the sweets, sweet drinks, desserts and many other food items that contain it. Even when very young we were fed all the sweets, chocolates and cookies and then as we became adults we are beginning to question whether sugar is harming our bodies in some way. 

Over the last few decades our doctors and health experts have been telling us that eating too much salt is very bad for the body and it can cause high blood pressure (Hypertension) and some other complaints too. The biggest contributor to having too much salt in our diet in modern times, has been the food manufacturers. If you eat quite a lot of processed food items as many people do in their busy lives and you tend to put salt on your food as well, there is a very good chance that you are well over the healthy level. 

In the last few years I have noticed that the food manufacturers seem to be putting less salt in their products, so, perhaps they have bowed to the pressure of the government and medical profession who have for some years realised the seriousness of eating too much salt in your diet. You should be able to get your healthy amount by just eating fruit, vegetables, meat and other natural foods. If you want to put some salt on your dinner just don’t use too much, at least then you are in control of how much salt you eat and not the food manufacturer. 

Having mentioned salt we now go on to something I have noticed, not only in many processed foods but in some restaurants too, it is the apparent replacement of salt by sugar. Next time you go shopping at the supermarket have a look at some of food items you will find that the vast majority contain sugar even in the most unlikely foods. It almost seems fashionable to put sugar into food, even when watching the professional chefs on television they put sugar in many of their main courses. So, it all appears that the food manufacturers are using less salt and more sugar. 

I am taking medication for my high blood pressure and my doctor keeps telling me to use less salt and lose weight but in all the years I have been seeing him not once has he ever said cut down on your sugar intake. For me the worst thing you can eat when trying to lose weight is to eat sugar and sugary foods and especially fizzy drinks. Being overweight can cause high blood pressure. So why isn’t the medical profession and health experts telling us and the food manufacturers to use less sugar? This is quite amazing when you think that one of the biggest health problems in the UK and US is obesity.   

The amount of sugar the average person consumes in a year is phenomenal, many years ago I used to drink about six cans of coke a day until someone told me there were six to seven teaspoons of sugar in each can. I then realised I was consuming approximately thirty six spoons of sugar in a day and this was on top of what I was eating. I immediately switched to die coke and in the process it helped me to lose some weight. Having seen all the sugar and unnecessary additives that are put into our food, this is a great incentive to eat less processed food and use more natural foods. 

The best foods to buy are fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh lean meat and any other foods that are natural and if you are going to have a treat make sure it is not processed in any way. Many people often get a craving for sweet foods but it is amazing what you can achieve by using different types of fruit and some honey or even low fat yoghurt with no sugar added. 

I hope you have found the above article interesting and perhaps you will agree that modern day food manufacturers and people in general have become obsessed with sugar and sugary foods.


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