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Carpet Stain Removal – Are You Prepared For a Spillage, And Do You Know The Right Way to Remove It?

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Many people have experienced a carpet stain at some time and probably tried to remove it by using the wrong method. When you do have a spillage there is a natural tendency to rush for a bucket of water and a cloth, but in my experience that’s the last thing you should be doing. Most carpet stain removal sprays are quite good now days, the one my wife and I use is called No Wet Wonder Foam and we find it very good. Over the years we have had many carpet stains including red wine, black coffee and many other nasties, and managed to get the carpet looking like new every time. 

Always keep spare white paper towels and they must be the type that don’t break up when wet or rubbing, also, make sure you have a carpet cleaning spray always at hand. There are two more items that you should keep; they are an old tooth brush for very small carpet stains and a medium size scrubbing brush with soft bristles for large stains. 

Don’t put water on the carpet it will only spread the stain and make it more difficult to remove. As soon as the spillage onto your carpet occurs, don’t panic, the first thing to do is get plenty of paper towels and keep soaking the liquid up. You must keep pressing the paper towel into the carpet stain even if it appears dry, do this until there is virtually no stain showing on the paper towel. 

The next thing to do is spray the stain with your preferred carpet stain removal spray and (read the instructions first) leave for a minute and rub the carpet gently with the appropriate brush, it will probably make foam. Then soak up the foam with the paper towel, rub with more clean paper towel until quite dry. You may have to spray the carpet stain again and repeat the process several times, but this will depend on how bad the stain is. 

When you are happy that the carpet stain is gone and you have dried the carpet using lots of paper towels leave for a few hours and vacuum. Using all the above materials may seem very wasteful and costly but when you compare it to the cost of buying a new carpet I know which one I would choose. The above method applies mainly to liquid spillage, but you can also use it if your carpet stain is caused by solids. 

I hope the above article about carpet stain removal is helpful and interesting, this method has certainly helped my wife and I, especially as all the carpets we have stained are cream or beige colour.       


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