Tips For New Stay at Home Dads

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As a stay at home dad you have to buy the groceries and cook the meals. Have a plan. Plan a menu and grocery list on Sunday. After breakfast on Monday go and get the groceries, but only what is on the list. A good stay at home dad will make good, healthy meals for his family. This means as a stay at home dad you have to learn to plan meals and cook.

Keeping the house clean is a stay at home dad job. Take at least an hour a day to clean, more if needed. A stay at home dad may want to make a cleaning schedule. This will help to make sure everything gets cleaned and not forgotten.

Being a stay at home dad means taking care of kids. This is the number one job of a stay at home dad, and is also the biggest challenge. If they are in school, help with homework. If they are at home, play with them and teach them things. There are lots of book on this. A stay at home dad needs to be educated on how to do his job just like any other job. Remember to have patience with them, and now that they will only be this age once. Enjoy it and enjoy your time with them. Being a stay at home dad means you get to be a huge influence on their lives, be a positive one.

Being a stay at home dad is a job. You may not get paid money for it, but a stay at home dad gets paid in other ways. Don’t forget it is a job. Being a stay at home dad isn’t a vacation, or time to catch up on sleep and tv watching.

Search the internet for stay at home dad web sites and blogs. They will give good tips to the new stay at home dad as well as provide feedback to problems you are having. Support is important for a new stay at home dad.


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