Divorce-Working it out before walking out

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When a couple gets married they vow to remain together through the good and the bad, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do they part. Although they may have good intentions some say it but may not necessarily mean it.

Every marriage has problems; money, children, employment, and just the average every day situations that life throws our way. But so many couples head for the hills before trying to work things out. I’m not talking about abusive relationships, I’m talking about marriages that have been tested and tried but can still be saved. People put more effort and energy into establishing a career than they do trying to make their marriages work.

When talking to my 11 year old son, he said that divorce is like a toy that someone doesn’t want anymore. They can take it back to the store and return it, or exchange it for a new one. Yes the things that come out of a child’s mouth can be humorous, but this was sad because in a sense he is right.

There are things that a couple can do to get their marriage back on track if they just take the time and make the commitment.

1. Counseling is probably one of the best ways to work through marital issues. There is a third party involved that doesn’t have emotional ties and therefore wouldn’t side with any one person. They can give tools that can be used by the couple when it comes to communication, problem solving, and even recommend written material that can also be beneficial.

2. Because schedules are so busy, couples aren’t always able to spend time together. This alone can cause a lot of conflict in a marriage. Stress from work, kids, and money can be built up and without a break from it all, a couple will start taking it out on each other. Planning a night out or even a weekend away will give the couple the opportunity to spend time together, to reconnect, and relax.

3. Faith is important and whether it’s a Catholic, Baptist, or non-denominational type of church it can provide that friendship and support that the couple needs.

4. Commitment is the key and keeping them is important. Too many people say that they’ll do something and not follow through. Making a commitment to one another about responsibilities and keeping them may lessen the stress and help the other person feel valued.

Getting a divorce is very difficult for the couple but more so for the kids. Not all things can be worked through over night, but with commitment, time, and effort the problems in a marriage can be solved. Although there is brokenness, a marriage can be restored through patience, prayer, forgiveness, and love.


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