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Studying a Stranger

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Studying a stranger

Hello! Hello! Hello! A voice was heard on the telephone and the receiver was then dropped after that, the reason :  there must be some technical problem in system due to which the replier’s voice was unable to reach the caller. Out of this single word hello how much do you think are you able to interpret about  the information of the caller ? If you analyse sitting all that an average human mind can interpret you will be astonished. See how the human mind works and collects the following information which you can also do it. The results would be generally 80% correct.

The caller was a male

He was an Asian and most probably an Indian

His age must be above 30 as interpreted from his level of confidence he spoke with.

He was an educated person as evident from his mannerisms exhibited including his  tone.

He was patient as the gap between his three Hellos was adequate

He appeared confident from his tone and deep voice.

Since he rang up at 0930 h he must be a service person as shops of businessman open at /after 1030 in our country

Since he rang at 0930 he must have come to office before 0930 say at 0900 so that after going through the files or his work schedule he must have planned to ring you up . He is thus punctual

If he is punctual he is disciplined

 If he is disciplined he must be disciplined in other things as well

So he is an organised man

If he is organised his upbringing must have been very good

So most probably he must be good in his nature too.

We can keep deducing like this as long as our mind gets satisfied. This is what we interpreted from just from one word ; hello, without actually seeing the person or discussing anything with him.

Now imagine the deductions a human mind can make if you actually meet a stranger, chat with him for 10 minutes and then say bye to him.


 I know you would agree but we just ignore it by actually not doing it considering it to be a sheer wastage of time. A person who does it for the first time would take hours or maybe a day  analysing the stranger since there would be 1000 questions arising in the mind after a chat with him .  When you do this for the second time, trust me, it will definitely take lesser time than before and maybe you would add up a few more new questions to your previous questionnaire in your mind. And when you do it for the third time it will be much lesser till the time you reach a stage that you will be able to analyse it within minutes. After you expertise yourself in this field it would take a fraction of second for you to analyse a person and deal with him accordingly. The palmists and the horoscope readers are expert in this and they rely more on this evaluation by analysis than their own studies which most of them use to confuse you for earning their bread. If their studies would have been so accurate and true then why would their predictions go wrong?  So trust your own self and not a stranger’s advice.

Following are the few factors which have to be noticed with concern as it would help you analyse the character later on.

Physical attributes

Face, forehead, distance between eyes, origin of nose, length of nose, lips, cheeks, size of chin, neck, size of ears, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, size of fingers, width of palm, leg length, size of feet and its positioning etc.

Facial expessions while talking

Smiling, raising of eyebrows while talking, moving of hands while talking, exposure of palms etc.

Tone of speech

High, medium, low, speed of speaking etc.


Usage of words like excuse me, thanks, sorry, etc, offering you seat  to sit, showing respect to age, ladies etc, usage of good words and non abusive language

Contents of his speech

Speaks clearly, no beating around the bush, pragmatic approach or otherwise, usage of flattery, how fast he comes straight to the point, humour content usage

Dress up

Colours of his dress, quality of cloth, watch he wears (branded or otherwise), use of cosmetics, fragrance, width of his belt, shoes quality and its maintenance, any ornament he wears etc.

The list is very long so I have restricted to the main factors only.

Enthusiasm exhibited, interest shown in you, power of convincing and a warm approach are other factors which you can notice at the first instance in 10 minutes.

Now we shall discuss the important ones out of these which would make you understand how to analyse the remaining ones also.

In the physical attributes the people who have broad forehead are intelligent while those with small foreheads are generally born idiots and do not have pragmatic approach in life.

Those with less distance between their eyes are cruel as the distance between their eyes is inversely proportional to degree of cruelty.

Long nosed people are good and cannot be easily fooled

Thin lipped are attractive to opposite sex and smart

Big ears are very intelligent people

Big chinned are sportsmen and strong physically.

Pointed fingers are artistic and hence good painters, small fingers are treacherous, medium fingers are the best adjusted in the society

Large palms of square shape are big hearted and humble people

Large feet are tall people and the height is generally 6.5 times the length of the foot.

 The people who exhibit the facial expressions as follows are graded accordingly. Those who raise their eyebrows quiet frequently while talking are the types who would make sure that they have explained their point of view well and hence have good power of expression and have clear minds but cannot hide any secret with them hence do not divulge your secrets to them as they can put you in trouble inadvertently. The more a person exposes his palms the more truthful he is which you will notice it generally in villagers. Those who do not express any expression are dangerous and unpredictable so beware from them.

The tone of speechindicates the place from where one hails which you will be able to judge your  own self. Those who speak clear think clear and those who fumble have wavering minds. Those who give a pause while speaking think before they speak and thus have better control over their actions and care for others. Those who speak fast think fast and expect fast results hence are impatient. They are more likely to take wrong decisions so should be given less information and in a slow manner.

Mannerism play a very important role in indicating the background and the upbringing of the person. Those who exhibit it are dealt with accordingly by the people. They hail from an educated background and have a status. Those who do not are generally from the low business family backgrounds. The fairer sex generally exhibits more mannerism even if they are less educated comparatively. The ones exhibiting more mannerism would be generally from a metro city where the population and interaction amongst them is more.

Humourkeeps you away from tension and those who use it quiet frequently are able to deal with the difficult situations with ease. They would be healthier and on a heavier side with easy going life. They would keep the environment also healthy with love and affection. People who speak too sweetly are not good and would turn their faces in times of need  or as soon as their work is over. It is better to hear harsh words from a truthful man than sweet words from a dishonest person. They would always occupy position around you and prevent the correct person to approach you. Do not give leverage to their points and they will get aside automatically.

Dress upalso shows the background and the environment from where one has come up. A person of good status will not wear flashy clothes, will use branded items of standard companies, will wear a dress well maintained and ironed. He will use cosmetics giving fragrance if he is from a high status, use of gold rings, bracelets and chain in fingers is another indication of high status.

The views expressed above are purely an independent thought  as experienced by the writer and can be taken in general however exceptions are always there.


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