How to Repair Bathtub Chips Using a Kit

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Go to your local home improvement store and buy a kit to repair bathtub chips. Read the directions carefully and always follow them. Make sure the kit you buy is the right one to repair bathtub chips for you type of bathtub and your color.  Make sure that you are working in a well ventelated area.  Turn on the exhaust fan.

Most kits to repair bathtub chips are the same.  They include epoxy resin, wet/dry sandpaper,  fine-grit sandpaper, gel coat enamel, and an applicator. Some other tools you probably will also need are a paint brush, rags and a blow drier to completely dry the work area.

Before begining to repair bathtub chips make sure the surface of the bathtub is completely dry and smooth. Make sure  the color of the enamel paint is the same as your bathtub before you begin.  You don’t want the new surface not to match the old surface. Apply the enamel paint as per the instructions. Allow the paint for the full amount of time the directions say.

Repairing bathtub chips is not hard if you take your time and follow all the directions.  Remeber, the longer you wait to repair the bathtub chips the worse they can become.


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