Monday, December 18

Mylot And How to Earn Money There.

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I am very keen on paid Internetsites like Dooyoo and Ciao, and I fill out surveys very often as well to make some extra money. Last week I discovered Mylot, a site where you can open topics, answer on questions, discuss about all sorts of subject and get paid for it.

**Mylot in general**

Although I think the site itself looks a bit unorganized and old fashioned, and when you subscribe you get so many options you do not know what to do at first, so far I do think it is worth the participation. Subscribing isn’t too difficult but takes some time because you have to choose your interests (in my case parenting, movies, writing, reading, children and health). Once you opened an account (which is free), you can browse around to see how this site works.

**And how does it work?**

Well, I started reading topics from other members. Most of these topics are very short and you can react on them (write as much as you like, or just give a short comment, that’s fine too). Every time you react or open a topic yourself, you get money. You can also rate the topics.Just like with Ciao, the next day you’ll find out in your account balance what you have earned. You can also add friends.
If you are a really skilled writer, you can sign up for “tasks”. These tasks are paid better than regular writing of topics.

**Getting paid**

Every week My Lot is paying all members with an account balance of 10 Dollars or more. You only need a Paypal account and I’ve got one, so this Mylot site can be used by anyone who speaks a bit of English from all over the world. That immediatly is a major disadvantage, I am Dutch so my English writing skills aren’t perfect, but I already read some horrifying posts and I am not sure if Mylot really edits any of these posts.

**The fun side of it**

Besides the fact that I already earned 0.12 dollar by just clicking twice, there is a wide variety of topics people discuss and write about. It is lots of fun to participate if you have general interest in about anything. Of course when you have a question yourself, you can open your own topic and I like it if people respond to it. Every day you can get an updat on what has happened and who reacted to your posts. Just like the DooYoo updates, I guess.


A funny site, that can earn you a little pocket money but it won’t make you rich!


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