Three Crosses On A Hill

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Before the day ended the earth would be shaken from it’s very foundation. People who had died would be seen walking about. The sky would blacken out the sky, turning the world into total darkness. The veil of the temple would rip apart. This was the day of the sacrifice of the Lamb Of God. Jesus who came and lived as a man, was tempted as a man, yet found without sin, gave his life in our place, in order that we might live forever.

Three crosses on a hill. Two contained thieves, but one contained the most precious gift of all..Gods own son in our place. Jesus even told one of the thieves on the cross that he would be with him in paridise. What an awesome gift of promise. But he does the same for each and every one of us. He never gives up on any of us, it is we ourselves that are laden with sin, and he is the only cleanser of it all.

It is said the shy bacame night, the temple veil ripped asunder, he cried out in a loud voice “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” God forsake his own son for us, for our sins, because he wants no one to perish, but to have everlasting life. We could not, and can never pay the price he did, because God designed his plan for his only son to do it for us.

Man was in perfect harmony and unity with his creator in the Garden Of Eve, but Satan tempted, and man fell. All throughout the Bible you see a love story, man embraces God, man rejects God, Man is lost, God restores, it is no different today. We do and always will need God in our lives to save us, deliver us, and give us eternal life with him.


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