Here Are Some Tips on Dog Training

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Your dog wants to make you happy. That is how most dogs are, especially puppies.  This means that the most important part of dog training is that you have to praise them when they do something right.  Dog training is all about rewards and praise. It is not about getting angry at the dog or yelling. Dogs do not learn from negative reinforcement.

Don’t go to fast and try to introduce to many things into your dog training to fast.  Only do one new command a week, but work on it daily. With dog training the dog isn’t going to master it immediately. It takes repetition and patience. Even after they get the command, keep working on it even after you start a new one. Don’t let them forget what they have alread learned. Again, don’t start a new one until the old one is mastered.

Here are some of the basics of dog training so you can get an idea of where to start your dog training. The first thing most people want to teach in dog training is sit. Start by saying sit in a slightly louder and more authoritative manner than normal while pushing the dog into the sit position. As soon as the dog sits give it a treat and praise. Don’t forget, dog training is about praise and rewards.  That is how the dog will know it is doing what you want it to do.

That is the basics of what they will teach you at dog training school, but charge you lots of money. Dog training is easiest with a very young puppy who doesn’t have any bad habits. When you are doing it with an older dog then the dog training becomes much more difficult, so start early.


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