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Alternative Herbs For Depression

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Have you been feeling down and out lately? Has stress got your stomach in a knot? If you are still reading this article you most likely aren’t feeling like yourself. Though it is important to see a doctor about these feelings, you can also see a more holistic approach to help treat your depression. However, you should always take the medication prescribed to you by a professional and also let them know if you are taking any other medication and supplements, or if you are thinking about doing so.

So let me share with you more alternative ways of helping boost your happiness.

ST. JOHN’S WARTS: This is the first herb I highly recommend when you are super hyper or when you are feeling super depressed. Basically, St. John’s Warts keeps your moods balanced.

5-HTP: This also helps you when you are feeling depressed and acts just like Prozac. It even stops you from over eating when you are stressed and keeps you relaxed. 5-HTP is good for when you can’t sleep and when dieting.

SAM-E (S-adenosylmethionine): This is an effective antidepressant, and is believed to improve “methylation” in the body, a process that increases the effects of neurotransmitters. You can take 1,600 mg of Sam-E a day.

GINKO BALOBA: This is actually used to improve memory, but it also increases blood flow to the brain. Taking 40 to 80 mg three times a day can improve your mood and memory.

FISH OIL (Omega-3): Getting sufficient doses of Omega-3 and other Fatty acids can help battle depression. Fatty Acids are important for neurons, or brain cells.

B-COMPLEX VITAMINS: Take multivitamins with adequate doses of vitamin-B to relieve stress. This is especially great for women who suffer with menopause and have feelings of discomfort.

SUN LIGHT (VITAMIN-D): Your body needs the sun in order for your hormones and brain chemistry to be stable. If you stay in all the time for many days, then this can trigger depression. Go outside once in awhile and enjoy life!

Believe it or not, but flowers can also help with depression and mood. You can find these flowers in liquid extract forms, which are the best kind. Here are a few of the flowers that are believed to help with depression:

WILD ROSE: This helps people who have lost their ideals, and makes them more enthusiastic.

GENTIAN: For those who feel discouraged or easily defeated by life, and makes them more hopeful.

SCOTCH BROOM: For sever pessimism. It’s also great for paranoia!

Other alternatives such as acupuncture, yoga, and physical exercise can also help battle depression. Also, finding a hobby or anything that you like to do is also good medicine. Opening up to other about your depression can also help relive a lot of the pain that is held within you. The more you keep bottled up, the more potential one has of exploding or having a breakdown. Seeking a therapist or joining a support group for people who suffer with depression is always good, so don’t feel ashamed or “crazy” for taking that route.

As I said before, always take your prescribed medication and tell your doctor about other alternatives you wish to take! Hopefully, these all-natural ideas will help others in need.


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