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How to Select a University Properly

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Set up criteria

The first step in choosing your university, you have to list down your criteria. Find a piece of paper and write down the factors you think is important. In education, you will likely to list down factors such as quality of lecturers, geographical location of the university and the cost involved. Certain university also specializes in areas of studies like business or medicine, therefore you should write down your area of interest.

Survey the University

Search for information about the university you think best suit your criteria. Use the internet or visit the university personally. Some universities held open days especially during the period when high school students are graduating. Gather as much evidence as possible and visit as many universities as possible. Then, sit down and write the advantages and disadvantages of each university.

Compare the alternatives

Compare the universities. You might want to give certain qualities a higher rating. Quality of lecturer and tuition fees are often important factors and are given more weight. Add up all the advantages by giving each advantage numerical values. If you want, you can give the disadvantages a negative value. When you’re done, select the university with the highest point.

Persuading your parent

Of course, the University of your Choice will be the best in terms of quality. However, they are often very expensive as well. Therefore, you should prepare a list of reason to convince your parents to support you financially with the school fees. A point to remember is that part-time working as a university student is very unpleasant and hard. Besides, you do not want to miss out the best part of your entire life working, do you?


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