Thursday, December 14

Fort Collins Dentist

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Visiting a Fort Collins Dentist is nothing new for me. I brought up here and it is my parents made me familiar with a few Fort Collins Dentist at my early age. All that was routine checks. So nothing was there to worry. Even though I never visited a dentist office after I came to age.

My true confrontation with a Fort Collins Dentist came at the age of 17. I was at School Volleyball team and in an accident I was hit on my fore-teeth, forcing to see a dentist immediately for installation of a bridge. So immediately I visited this Fort Collins Dentist and from the moment I walk through the door until the time I leave, I was surrounded by cheerful intelligent professionals. As always the doc and the staffs were incredibly kind and welcoming. There was a preliminary meeting and they explained me in great detail what the plan was and what it was going to take to get the job done. The explanation was enough to put me at ease. First I was given a temporary bridge, it was fast and easy. An hour later I walked out with a temporary bridge and a next week appointment  for the installation of the permanent one. Within two weeks everything was over to my utmost satisfaction.

Three years later I turned back to that Fort Collins dentist again. This time to fix my smile. I was at a sales job then and it was becoming hard for me to smile at my customers because I particularly disliked my smile. But it also taken care of and very satisfactorily too! After having brace for a year my smile became perfect, the way I like. I cannot express how thankful I am for this Fort Collins dentist and his team for creating my smile.

And now 10 years later, the staff explains the process and procedures in detail and puts my children  at ease. In fact, my children look forward to their visits with this Fort Collins dentist and my daughter keeps asking when she will be able to get her braces on. They have truly taken a rather intimidating experience and made it enjoyable.

I have no hesitation to recommend this Fort Collins dentist to the whole world. If you decide to visit there, what you will experience is exceptional Dentistry (definitely a perfectionist), integrity and true authentic compassion, along with his loving light-hearted spirit, are also complimented by his incredible staffs.


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