A Few Tips to Help You Win at Scrabble

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There are many words in the Scrabble dictionary that start with the letter q and don’t need a u. Qat and qi are two of my favorites. Get out you Scrabble dictionary and look it up. There are many others. That also gives you the opportunity to put that q in a lot different places on the Scrabble board; hopefully you will wait for the one that triples the value. Scrabble scores a q as 10 points. If you get a u and the q has not been played yet, hold onto it. Don’t give one of the other Scrabble players the opportunity to use it if they have the q. Scrabble hasn’t always got to be a friendly game.

Always be looking for how to get the most point with the Scrabble tiles you have. Put down the word that gets you the most points, not the one that will impress the other Scrabble players. That means you have to pay attention to the Scrabble board and know where the bonus tiles are at. If you have a Scrabble tile that is one of the higher point totals, ie anything over 4, do not use it unless you get bonus points for it. To win at Scrabble you have to have points. Some people hate to get these letters. They do not win at Scrabble. Some people get them and get rid of the Scrabble tiles as soon as they can for no bonus points. They also do not win at Scrabble.

In Scrabble it is almost as important to make sure that you don’t set up the next player for a big point total. Don’t set them up for the triple point Scrabble spaces. Let them do it for you. You want to win the Scrabble game, not them.

Do not be afraid to put some or all of your Scrabble letters back. If you have all vowels do not just waste turns on trying to get rid of them. Scrabble rules allow you to put back some or all of you letters and get new one. Take advantage of that. Then get back to making points.

Finally, be the first one to get rid of you Scrabble tiles. This will lower you opponents Scrabble score, and it will increase your Scrabble score. When almost all of the Scrabble letters are gone start thinking about making sure all of you high scoring letters are down so you don’t get stuck with them if someone else goes out first. Many a Scrabble game has been decided by someone holding onto too many points.

These are some of the ways that I use to win at Scrabble consistently


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