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How to Learn Magic Tricks

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If one of your friends suddenly starts to freak you out with some amazing magic and you are wondering where the hell he or she did that learn from then now you are in the right place to have your answers. Moreover, if you are passionate about the art of magic and want to learn a few tricks then we are here to show you the way.

The steps are simple-

learn the tricks, practice and develop presentations and then perform.

• Start with some basic magic tricks. There are different websites where you will find easy magic tricks for beginners which involve using cards, coins, spoons, pencils etc.

• Watch videos from different websites and see their collections on easy magic tricks. Follow the steps. All of these involve sleight of hand and moves.

• As you learn and have a good control over them study some books to get a deeper knowledge.

• Interact with some real magicians. Ask questions to them. There are some websites where magicians give answers to queries. Apart from that you can also meet with some magicians in person. You can do it by locating local branches of International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) or Society of American Magicians (SAM) if you are in the USA.

• Learn how to perform one magic really well before learning hundreds.

• Practice a lot. Maintain the timing, try for words that will make your presentation interesting, try to introduce a dramatic pause and a bit humor.

• Perform before your friends and have feedback.

• Judge the audience reactions and act accordingly.

• As you move forward, you might want to learn the tricks and tips of the magics of your preferred area. To do this, buy some instructional DVDs and follow them. Keep a few things on your mind.

• Never tell a secret. The fun in magic lies in its secrets. You tell them and the fun vanishes.

• Learn when to perform. Wait for the perfect situation.

• Leave your audience wanting more.

• Finally, again, learn to perform one magic very well before trying another.

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