Thursday, December 14

Demotivational Posters – A Phenomenon Indeed

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Several netizens may have witnessed a latest craze generating on the World Wide Web, i’m talking about the funny motivational posters. These posters, created by numerous anonymous net users, could feature anything from cats, dogs to hilarious bloopers and screw-ups.

Okay, so they may not motivate so very much at all, but they do entertain, and there has been a huge demand for them, as most individuals try to go for the biggest and brightest laugh. This sudden occurrence of funny motivational posters (also known as “meme” in internet lingo), which are also known as demotivational posters stretches well beyond the borders of merely giving any motivation. Most often, they are utilized to briefly state a point, simply entertain, or maybe just to comment on a picture.

But This Is Not Motivation At All! Yes, yes, I heard you, most of these posters really are’nt motivating. As a matter of fact, some are thick or twisted with dark humor or some are intentionally depressing, and are even known as “Demotivational Posters” or Unmotivational Posters. There are times that they even comment on some other motivational posters. Whilst the earliest ones maintained a motivational theme or mood, well, that has long since been abandoned in favor of pure and original humor, and now, it is such a rare occurrence to see a poster which has anything to do with motivation.

But What Really Goes Into a Funny Motivational Poster? Although the images or pictures in these posters may actually vary, the format is still the same and unified. Any simple or thick black border, divided by another black border with a white (or any other lightly-colored) line, with a few big words at the bottom(main caption), plus with an image inside. The big words or phrases are often followed by a short comment to make sure the viewer understands or gets the joke, and usually this set up mocks more appropriate (yet less entertaining) motivation posters. Those kinds of images and scenes are easy to create, and most individuals have made easily blank templates and altered and modified images to make sure that anybody could easily make their own right away.

Can I Make My Own Funny Motivational Poster? Sure you can, be my guest, this is the Internet!! Anyway, who would want to stop freedom in its path? Let’s say that you took a photo of your cat or dog standing at the top of your mailbox. Then, after cropping it and centering it in the frame, you may think that it is guarding your mailbox. Therefore, you place in some large text at the bottom that reads “Guard Cat” or “Guard Dog” and then don’t forget to add some subtitles such as: “This fellow protects us from bills.” See, there you go, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. You need a good sense of humor and need to make some really witty captions else it would be just dry.

So, Is This Legal? it’s just fine, provided that the image used in the poster is one you created yourself or has an open copyright. The time for motivational’s is out, remember this is a ‘meme’, demotivational posters with a wicked sense of humor are way more preferred than the dry motivational posters, leaving certain exceptions aside though.


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