Some things to do to keep you from getting fired.

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Work harder than your coworkers. Do your job faster and better than they do. Do not take longer on breaks and lunch than you are suppose to. It doesn’t matter that you can and no one will know. They always know.  Be the ultimate company man.  I know your coworkers will resent you for these things, but don’t worry about that.  Many of them will not be around much longer.

Don’t spend time talking with coworkers when you should be working. Water cooler and coffee breaks distract you from getting your work done. That is what you get paid for and if you are not doing it then you are not needed.

Most importantly, make yourself indispensable. Make sure that your company will not function the same without you. Work every day and all the time like your boss is standing over you watching.  You have to prove to everyone why you should be working there.  Don’t let your performance slide for a second.

Learn to do your job better than anyone else. Education is important; learn more than your coworkers. Become the model employee. It might go against the way you feel at times, but keeping your job is more important.  Don’t be afraid to sell out.  Be a company man.


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