Sunday, December 17

How Technology Can be Built to Adapt to The Classroom

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There has been a lot of talk about embedding technology in the classroom. One can just imagine the benefits of having technology in the classroom. Students can maximize their output in class and yield much better results and can guarantee that students will pursue their subjects with more interest and learn their subjects better.

But introducing technology into the classroom has also come under heavy criticism. Critics have a lot of points against induction of technology into the classroom. Their concerns do address a lot of issues and problems.

First of all, the role of technology is to enhance the experience of education. Technology should be used to aid education and introduce interest. Technology here is not the focus, but the catalyst. Even the aim of inducting technology into the classroom is not to bring in computer literacy, but to improve the classroom attendance, especially in countries with poor educational facilities.

So focus should be such that technology is engineered to fit the role of a catalyst than being a focus. Technology should supplement education, not surpass it.

First of all, the operating system of laptops used should be engineered to be as student-friendly as possible. Students should be able to use them easily. The Operating System needs to be engineered in such a way that there is effective control. Access to the internet should be properly controlled and monitored. In fact, if it were possible, a separate network should be made where students and teachers all over the world can submit informative content. That way the network can be monitored, pornographic and useless content may be kept off this network and students and teachers would have access to a lot of information and reference material.

These would address the problems of misuse and help the training of students and teachers in using the technology.

Improvements must be made in the design so that minimum power is used and it can be produced cheaply. The technology should be made as green as possible and should be recycled and refurbished and reused after a student is done with his/her studies. There should be an annual or bi-annual upgrade of systems so that the capability is enhanced and the student can learn more.

Even though most learning should take place with technology. Examinations as far as possible must be conducted by hand. We cannot let students lose track of their writing skills.

There are far more problems which are to be identified and dealt with before we can successfully induct technology into the classroom. Only after we solve all issues can we introduce technology and enhance student performance.


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