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How to Clime The Moola Tower at

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How to climb the moola tower? Well this is why I write this article. However, first I will let you know that it’s next to impossible to make it up the moola tower the way I am asuming you know how to do it, because the most likely fact is that you won’t make it without losing at level 3 or 5 as it’s almost impossible to win 30 games on straight. Nevertheless I know that you are asking “can I make money on this site?” and the answer I would give is yes. If you are smart enough to play the games on it, then there is a possibility you can make some money on it especially when you have a great win to lost ratio. If your lost percentage is greater than your win percentage then I will have to break the news to you that you won’t make any money on the site and playing for money would be a big waste of time. However if your win percentage is greater than your lost percentage, then I have good news because you can win.

The best approach to making money on moola is not about doubling your risk but it’s about playing it small. For example if you have a 60% win record, you can easily make money for example if you decided to play 10 games by risking a penny, chances are that you will win 6 out of those ten games, therefore you earned 6 pennies. The strategy is to play small, and each time you reach a certain amount of money, let’s say for example you finally have $0.10 in play, you can increase your risk by playing for $0.02 and as your in play cash reaches $0.20, then you can start risking $0.04 pennies and so forth. It’s a slow progress, but eventually you will start earning cash as soon as you start risking up to $2 are more. It is also important to use the option that automatically deposits a percentage of your money for you because there are times when you can have a bad streak of luck.

Remember that this strategy can only work if your win to lost percentage is very good. If it’s not good, then you need to practice more. One of my favorite games on moola is gold rush, and it may be the reason why I posses such a great win to lose ratio because overtime as you play the game you start to realize a pattern and eventually you will become an expert in winning this game. Playing gold rush is even easier since I have discovered this website at This is a program which can help you play the game, which doesn’t seem to make a difference in my case but as a newbie it should help you a lot. However the other 2 main games on moola are the ones I usually avoid especially the rock, paper, scissors game or as it is called: Ro Sham Bo Fu. There is no strategy in playing that game therefore you will only need to depend on luck to win that game.

If you are new to moola, you will need an invite to access the game which I can give you mines by clicking here and register. Anyone is free to leave a comment on this article.


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