Tuesday, December 12

Trying to Stay Cool

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It’s almost the beginning of the summer season.Temperatures will rise when we use air conditioners or other ways to stay cool while saving energy costs. There are ways to keep the energy costs down whether your home has central air conditioning or a simple window unit.

  Window units are measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) are determined by the size of the room. To find more information on certain brands of air conditioners, try looking for the Energy Star label for most brands or look for their website at www.energy star.com. If your room is sunny, you’ll need more cooling power. If the room is shaded, you can use less.

   If you plan to get a central air unit, be sure to find a well reputable contractor who is well adversed and be able to maintain good parts from a good parts manufactor. Homewoners should invest in a new system to maintain lower costs and prevent high energy waste.

   There are times when you leave your home you’ll want to keep the air condtioner on. Buy a thermostat for central air condtioners and for window units, a timer is the perfect choice.When the weather is not too hot, use a ceiling or room fan along with the air condtioner. Be sure to keep the fans on and keep the air conditioner at low temp. Window shades and curtains are very helpful in maintaining energy costs when you’re not at home.

    So these tips should helpful in finding ways to stay cool and prevent high energy costs. Hopefully everyone should a wonderful, cool summer season.


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