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Four Tips For People New to The Sport of Jogging

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Although many think they can lose weight and be healthy just by taking medicine and eating right, there is more too it. You must have a good exercise routine if you are serious about staying in shape. Even within exercising, you must do cardio if you want to lose weight. Anyone can lift weights, but not everyone can run distances. The reason weights are not cardio is that they do not get your heart rate up enough. Therefore, one must always run to stay in shape. This article will tell you how jogging for beginners is easy!

Jogging for beginners is easy once you are in shape, but it can be a real pain trying to get in shape. Therefore, it is important for one to have good running form so you do not waste energy. Running form is basically what you do with your body while you are running. The first important thing about running form is in your arms. It is necessary to have your elbows bent so that you hands are by your waist. Then, when you swing your arms back and forth while running, you must move them only foreword and backward, not diagonally across your body. You must do this because you must keep all parts of your body moving foreword. Horizontal movements waste energy.

Jogging for beginners is certainly hard at first, and so is moving your arms in a strait line. But moving arms is not the only important part of running form. You must also drive your knees up in you strides. When you jog, your knees should be horizontal to you waist, otherwise, you do not go as far with each stride.

Another tip for jogging for beginners is to about touch your buttock with your foot on the end of each stride. It is necessary to do this because it prevents you from dragging your feet on your next stride. If you drag your feet, the friction will make you use more energy.

Yet another tip for jogging for beginners is to take strides from your heel to your toe very smoothly. This is necessary because it creates less friction between your shoe an the ground. Doing this makes running feel very smooth an will decrease you chance of injury. Not doing this will result in your feet dragging and catching on the ground, which will slow you down. Jogging for beginners can be a lot of fun!


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