Friday, December 15

Iced Coffee For Hot Summer Months

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According to the weather forecast this summer will be very hot. Many people wonder how to feel better in the hot summer months. Drinking iced coffee is a very good idea when it is really hot outside, and you want to cool down a little bit. No matter if you want to make a special iced coffee or just have some leftover coffee from breakfast, iced coffee can be refreshing afternoon treat.

I really believe that the way of preparing such a coffee will suit your personal taste. This great drink for hot summer days or even nights is very easy for preparation because there are not a lot of ingredients. Think about this: easy for preparation, cheap and only some ingredients.



crushed ice

some sugar (optional)

some cream (optional)

Iced coffee is best prepared with darker-roast coffee blends. I am sure you will find this one which you like best. So, it is time to share my personal experience and offer you how to prepare such a wonderful iced coffee. First of all, prepare a cup of coffee. You can do this with a moka machine or with the typical standard coffee maker that you have at home. Then take a glass and fill it with crushed ice, so that the glass gets chilled. Once the coffee is ready wait for a little while ( a minute or two ) so it cools down in the machine or turn off the button on the coffee maker. The next step is to pour the coffee in the glass previously filled with the crushed ice. You have to wait 2 or 3 minutes so that the coffee becomes cold.

This is a really strong and cold coffee but if you prefer you can add some sugar and cream or sugar without cream and the drink will change its taste. Stir to mix the drink. Iced coffee is ready and you can drink and enjoy it.


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