Wednesday, December 13

‘’10’’ Don’ts & ‘’ Do’’s to Get Over a Fresh Break-Off

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(1)(NEVERBLAME)Never blame your x-partner or anything related to him. Remember, onlycowards & people with inferiority complex blame. Brave except& organize things according to self-satisfaction & convenience.

(2)(VISIT YOUR PAST)‘’A thing of beauty is a joyforever. Your past cannot keep coming to you, because actually it never goes away. It’s never so bad to be in a relation which didn’t materialize it’s always devastating not to be able to manage a not-so-worthyrelation. It’s hard to run from past, so better & wiser to revisit it with open mind. Try to visit only good memories.

(3)(AVOIDARGUMENT)S The best way to avoid argument is not to have one. It’s not healthy to argue and prove that you were right and every other thing were wrong. In this world nothing is arguable not even God. Every argument has an equally impressive counter argument. Don’t argue ,about your break-off !Never-ever.


In fact whenever u feel like talking. Talking about a past relation is not contagious or fatal. Rather it’s healthy , as suppressed emotions will vent-out slowly to make you feel lighter, energetic. The more you restrict yourself from talking the more like talking. Talk & you will feel relaxed.


If you find yourself unacceptable, silly, irritating anywhere in past; hey hold on, that’s nothing unusual. This proves you are human. Feeling guilty will make you low .How couldyou be able to overcome a non-worthy feeling when you not feel high. Sayyourself ‘’ok I was wrong, but I’m going to collect myself’’.

(6) (FOLLOW YOUR INTUTION )Listen everyone including the 200$/session councellorbut obey your heart only. A person never goes wrong when he follows his hear t. Don’t get carried away by other’s opinion. The final remark should be yours. Your conscience will lead you through most safe, dependable, smooth path available.


More you bruise yourself more blood will spill around. Staying friendly with x-partner is not a crime, but not at the cost of your self-esteem and present life. Think twice, ask yours & introspect million times before this step. God forbids! You may dump with a severe past, spoiled today, finally a blank future.


Life is vast but life-span is limited. If you are happy with yourself, you could overcome past injuries, present challenges,& future uncertainties.

(9)(NEVER STOP YPUR TEARS) Let all hidden emotions roll down. Let your mind be washed , leaving something fresh to feel. From medical point of view also crying is a positive physical activity. Otherwise sometime you could choke sometime.

((10)(FINALLY BE PROUD ) Feel precious ,be proud that at least you were in a relation. You are lucky .Everyone on this earth is surely not so privileged to be once in a lifetime in a relation. You have something to talk, to revisit, remember.


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