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How to Install a Ceiling Fan in an RV

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How to Install an RV Ceiling Fan.

If you’ve used your camper, trailer or RV in cold weather you’ve probably noticed the condensation building up on the windows and other cold surfaces. Here’s one way to remove most of the excess moisture before it can do any damage.

You’ll want to shop for and purchase a ceiling fan for a camper, trailer or RV. Camper supply stores online can provide some very affordable options.  Make sure your supplier has been around for some years and has some history.

Once you have your new ceiling fan, tools and sealants necessary to replace the original vent, the first step is to remove the inside garnish from the ceiling vent.Four screws and some silicone caulking removed and the garnish drops right out.

Next, move to the roof and peel away the sealant to expose the screws holding the roof vent in place.

Remove screws.

Carefully, pry the vent from the roof.

Set the new fan in and screw down.

Apply caulking around the fan and over each screw head.

Turn off power at the circuit breaker and remove the ceiling lamp fixture closest to the vent box.

Attach extension wires, supplied with the new fan, to the fan wires. Feed a guide rod through from the fan box out through the ceiling lamp fixture hole.  

Tape the fan wire ends to the guide rod and feed wire in as the rod is pulled from the ceiling lamp fixture hole.

Twist together the three black wires and twist on a wire screw. Do the same with the white wires.

Turn on the circuit breaker and light switch. Test fan operation.

Secure lamp fixture the ceiling and test.

Install lamp covers.

Install new fan garnish.

*If the fan garnish is not quite tall enough to seat into the channel in the fan housing then you will want to call the manufacturer to order an extension. It may have to be trimmed to fit your application. In other words, if it is a just short of the channel and the extension is too tall, then it will have to be trimmed down.


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