Wednesday, December 13

Why You Should Go 100% Raw

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Raw food gurus are big, wimpy, scaredy-cat babies when it comes to this one simple question:

What percentage of the human diet should consist of raw foods?

Instead of getting a clear-cut answer, you get:

Well, it depends on the individual.


Whatever you are comfortable with.


Find what works for you.

Hear is what’s really lying behind these answers:

I don’t want to offend someone and risk losing followers by giving a direct answer. Instead, I’ll play it safe by offering a wishy-washy answer that doesn’t really mean anything to anybody.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for individuality and “finding what works for you.” You should always implement change because you want to, not because some expert tells you it’s the way to go.

But aren’t these answers really just an easy way out? I mean, you can use any one of these as a response to almost any question without really answering the question!

How much fat is ideal?

Well, it depends on the individual.

Should I buy organic produce?

Find what works for you.

Is it okay to drink tap water?

Whatever you are comfortable with.

See what I mean?

Because I’m certainly *not* a wimp and am not afraid of a little controversy, here’s my short but sweet answer:

An optimal diet consists of 100% raw foods.

But you don’t want the short answer, do you? 😉

You Don’t Need Cooked Food

There is no place for any cooked foods in a healthy diet. All of the vitamins and minerals you need can be found in raw fruits and vegetables.

Cooking these foods only destroys the vital nutrients they contain and creates toxic substances that place excess stress on your poor liver, kidneys, and all other vital organs.

For whatever reason, you may find it easier to include some cooked foods in your diet. That’s completely up to you…you know, the whole “depends on the individual” thing.

The message that I want to convey is that cooked foods are not necessary and that an optimal diet contains *no* cooked foods whatsoever.

Stop Reinforcing Cooked Food Habits

When you eat a 100% raw food diet, you are no longer eating tempting cooked foods. You have stopped reinforcing those habits. You are slowly but surely breaking down the connection between good times and cooked foods.

Before you know it, the physical and emotional ties to cooked food that have plagued you for so long are gone. You can finally sit down to a simple bowl of strawberries (a very large bowl, of course), or a banana-pear smoothie, or a few papayas, or…

Sorry, what was I saying?

*Oh right*

My point is that there comes a time when you can finish a simple fruit meal without wondering, “Okay, now where’s the real food”.

But what happens when you eat a 70% raw diet, or an 80% raw diet, or even a 95% raw diet? You are still eating cooked foods. You are continually reinforcing those habits and connections between good times and cooked foods.

Trust me on this one. I tried the 85% raw food diet. I tried the cooked dinner raw diet. I even tried the 99.999999999% raw diet!

While these tactics were great for transitioning and getting my body used to massive amounts of fruit, they did not work as a long-term strategy.

As long as I was still eating cooked foods, I was still dreaming about cooked foods and not truly savoring my delicious raw foods. I constantly felt that something was missing from my diet.

But Not Just ANY Raw Food Diet

I talked a lot today about eating a raw diet. As I’m sure you know, there are many different types. So which one am I talking about?

I’m talking about a healthy, low fat raw food diet. I don’t mean one full of grass and fats, or supplements, or superfoods, or hydro-colonics, or stimulants, or irritants.

I mean a diet centered on raw, whole, sweet fruit, accompanied by non-sweet fruits, tender greens, and minimal overt fats.

Remember, the question should not be “Is it raw?”

The question should always be “Is it healthy?”


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