Rekindle the Fire-Keeping Marriages Alive

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After being married for a few years a relationship can loose its romance. Circumstances can pull couples in different directions and they tend to overlook each other. It may not always be intentional but they no longer do things that make one another feel special and valued. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways to let your spouse know that they are still loved, cherished and appreciated.

1.       When children are in the home; especially young children, a couple’s attention is usually focused on their schooling, activities and every day needs. They can get so busy parenting that at the end of the day they have nothing left for each other. Planning a date night will help them reconnect and catch up on what’s happening in each other’s lives. Whether it’s taking a walk on the beach, seeing a movie or just grabbing a bite to eat, it can make all the difference in the world and bring the couple closer together.

2.       There is nothing like being the center of attention; even if only for a day. A man can send flowers to his wife with a little note attached saying: “From your greatest admirer” or he can call her just to say hello. This can make a woman feel so special that her entire day is spent on cloud nine. It can lift her spirit if she’s struggling and make her want to rush right home to see him.

3.       Not everyone likes surprises but it can make a person feel cared for. Because the majority of couples work outside the home, dinnertime is usually informal and sometimes just thrown together. A wife can leave her place of employment early so she can prepare a special meal for her husband which includes all of his favorite dishes. She can dress up, play soft music and have candles burning on the table; he’ll definitely welcome the surprise.

4.       Saying “I love you” can sometimes be just like saying “hello”. Sure the words still mean something but it can become a routine and doesn’t touch the heart as it did before. Writing little notes and placing them throughout the house or in each other’s car, can make a person feel loved. The same message is given but it’s received differently.

5.       Communication is essential in a marriage and engaging each other in a discussion is so important. But there are times when words don’t necessarily have to be spoken. A simple kiss on the forehead or hug given without a word can brighten any day and encourage a person through their struggles.

Life’s responsibilities are large in number; however marriages should be a priority. Steps must be taken to foster a close relationship and the efforts will ultimately strengthen the bond between the couple. Whether your marriage is just starting out or if you have 20 years invested, it is never too late to rekindle the fire. By implementing even little things, it will cultivate a beautiful marriage that will last a lifetime.


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