Saturday, December 16

A Leader Should be The First One in And The Last One Out

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We were a little late this morning to church. We managed to take a seat on a pew where there is no fan to ventilate us. They must have had it repaired because last week it was not working.

There are other late comers. Actually, some came when Father Buddy was delivering his sermon already. That is the part that we would not afford to miss. We truly delight in listening to the homily. It was like going home filled with God’s glory. Especially with Father Buddy.

The sermon was about Jesus as the Good Shepherd. He had effectively related it to his narrative about his experience with the leaders of the seminary. It was about the time when they as seminary students joined movements against the Marcos regime. Their destination was in Mendiola. And then some of the students were from the Visayan and Mindanao regions. The leaders had successfully brought them to the place of the event but after a while, there was commotion. Twelve students were missing and the leaders had run off first to the seminary leaving the students behind. One of the students was able to come back after four days. He got lost in Manila.

Father Buddy said that it was a lonely thought that those leaders who should have taken care of their flock had fled first for their safety and leave the group alone. “A leader should be the first one in and the last one out,” he stressed. Wonderfully said, isn’t it? I nodded my head in agreement to every bit of statement he uttered. Especially when he said that a lot of government leaders today only care for their mouth or for their belly.

Being a leader really is not easy. A leader should act what he or she says. His actions should reflect what he rightfully believes in. He should be able to act on matters that require his decision. Jesus is the perfect example.

Like Father Buddy had uttered, “We should not follow a leader if he leads us to the wrong path. He does not deserve to be a leader.”


Written on April 17, 2005.


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