Friday, December 15

Square Peg in a Round Hole

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It is common scenario in workplaces that a superior resigns, or an employee is promoted, or an applicant is hired. These are inherent in a system. That is, we ordinarily deal with these procedures in our work environs.

What is frustrating sometimes or most of the time (depending on the management style) is the genre that is chosen – incompetent, inefficient, unskilled, lacking, incapable, senseless bunch of square pegs in round holes. Employee dreams that those newly hired, appointed or promoted individuals would deliver efficiently, would contribute to the facilitation of work, or would even raise spirits of dedication, commitment, integrity, and responsibility. But he ends up frustrated and hopeless.

Each company is like a government wherein those people who rule or govern make and enforce laws, the same way that those who manage a company make and enforce policies. And we wonder why implementation is a difficult task when they had devised those policies. And we wonder still if it is just mere compliance to standards or norms. Or just prestige. Those appointed and favored because of their lengthy services adapt this kind of management.

The same way with those hired or promoted employees who gained favor because of influences not because they are fit for the job. They are useless morons who thrive because they are backed up. They are usually the kind who brags without anything to brag, who grabs credit from deserving workers, who cannot perform because they are in default of the necessary intellect, skills and experience, and who lacks the required understanding to do a job satisfactorily and professionally.

How then would a square peg fit in a round hole? It can never fit. The structure that the hole supports could not be strengthened with a substitute that cannot serve its purpose.


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