Reflections of Patrick Swayze

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Patrick Swayze was recently hospitalized due to Pneumonia, Reuters reports on January 9, 2009, which is very concerning because of his battle with Stage-Four Pancreatic Cancer which he was diagnosed with last year.

Most of the tabloids and media information has focused on his health issues, however they’ve not mentioned too much about him as a person and his many successes. So I think it’s good to look at all he’s been involved in; both personally and professionally.

Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952 to mother Patricia who was a dancer and choreographer, and father Jesse Dwayne Swayze an engineer drafter. The family which included 3 other siblings lived in Houston,Texas, but in 1972 Patrick headed north for New York City where he completed his formal dance training.

His first resume entry was when he danced for “Disney on Parade”. Having dance experience was beneficial for the artistic part of his career. In October of 1979, Patrick played along side Maureen McCormick, Flip Wilson, Scott Baio, and Ruth Buzzy in “Skatetown U.S.A.”, a film directed by William A. Levey. In this film he played Ace Johnson and the movie was full of disco and roller skating.

In April of 1980 Patrick played Chuck in the film “The Comeback Kid”. This film was about a former minor league baseball player that took a job coaching underprivileged kids. He co-stared with John Ritter, Michael Lembeck, and Susan Dey.

From 1981 through 1982 Patrick starred in many Television series that included “M.A.S.H.”, “Return of Rebels”, and “Renegades”. Although small parts, they did give him the recognition needed for a starting actor. In addition in 1985 through 86 he played Orry Main in the T.V. mini series “North and South”.

The “Outsiders” was released in 1983 and this thrust Patrick into the spotlight for his role as Darrel. In the film he was the older brother of 2 siblings and was in charge of taking care of the family as their parents were deceased. He gave a great performance in this film and his career took off from there.

Patrick’s widely known characters were Derek in “Youngblood”, James Dalton in “Road House”, Sam in “Ghost”, Bodhi in “Point Break”, and Johnny in “Dirty Dancing”. “Dirty Dancing” was the film that he is most known for and he performed one of the songs on the soundtrack. Included in these works he starred in T.V. commercials, game shows, and had appearances on “Saturday Night Live”.

In addition to his fruitful career, he has been married to his wife Lisa for 34 years. The couple met when Lisa was only 16 years old and taking dance lessons from Patrick’s mother. Patrick is a licensed pilot and even though he’s been diagnosed with Cancer, the actor is still adding to his career.

Through the ups and downs the Swayze family remains optimistic with the health and overall well being of Patrick’s condition. They are dedicated to one another and a good example of what a committed couple looks like.

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