Wednesday, December 13

World Cup 2010: England v Algeria

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Wayne Rooney in outburst at booing fans.

After last night’s game, Selfish Supporters jeered England’s players after the 0-0 draw with Algeria in South Africa, prompting a response from Rooney, the Manchester United striker. He said to cameras: “Nice to see your home fans booing you. That’s loyal supporters.”

I wouldn’t call that anger outburst. To me that was a normal response from someone who have just slogged their guts out for a cup, in the name of his country, to be kicked in the flaming teeth by football fanatics. Even if he was angry, he had a right to be because his own fans were throwing daggers at him. We should be ashamed of ourselves. What are other nations thinking of us?

Of course they did play like they were under a spell but maybe they went against their manager’s wish and had sex the night before or it’s a possibility that it had something to do with that mysterious bird that perched on the gold post. Did you ever think of that?

Any which way, I’m appalled to think that people enjoyed being historical and hysterical by bringing up Rooney’s past behaviour to move the earth from under his feet. I think it’s a disgrace to say we’ll not support Wayne Rooney because the team performance was a disgrace. Rooney have the right to get angry with the fans and whinge if he wants because he probably thinks that we are all ungrateful users and losers anyway. If you think that the whole team deserved booing then try trading places with them.

Yes. To all you fans who were unimpressed and thought that England’s players deserved to be booed, you need to get on the pitch and perform better. If you find that difficult, then shut up and leave our players alone and let them do what they do best. What they need right now is our support to be on top of the world and not the world on top of them. After all they have another crucial game coming up on Wednesday and we need them to win it.

“I don’t know what happened to Wayne Rooney.” I read.

I’ll tell you what happened to Rooney, he’s flesh and blood just like you and he’s not a mechanical machine to score at the sight of every kicking ball. I’ll tell you one thing for nothing we are a nation of ‘blame hate and shame’.

If Rooney did score in the game last night then it would have been ‘bottoms up’ and Rooney would have been the most wonderful person alive in the world today.

Let’s sing ‘Rule Britannia’, God save the Queen’ and support our lads. The truth of the matter is we need to Get behind the England team and help them to be victorious in sickness and in health, to be or not to be, to win or to lose!


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